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Play and Learn - the fun way to learn English

A collection of ten games designed to put fun into learning English. With real-life situations and options to suit different abilities.

With instructions in Polish as well as English, French, German and Spanish.

Video presentation

Video presentation
The topics covered are numbers, days, months, dates, seasons, parts of the body, colours, clothes, weather, family relationships, shops and shopping, asking and giving directions, occupations, geography of Great Britain and its neighbours, school subjects and prepositions.

Clicking on a speech bubble allows you to hear the words repeated.

  UK tour

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Each game has an easy version, in which responses are made by clicking with the mouse, and a harder version, in which all text must be entered by the user. There are also options which allow the teacher some control over the vocabulary used and the difficulty of the games.

  In Town

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Real-life situations

Finding your way around town, going to the shops, feeling ill, describing people, saying where things are, discussing families, school subjects, etc.

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UK Tour

UK Tour

This game is a race around Britain, starting at Belfast in Northern Ireland, and finishing in London. You move round the course by throwing a dice, and you get one throw each time you correctly answer a simple arithmetic question. If you land on one of the towns and can name the town correctly, get an extra throw of the dice.


In Town

In Town:

Get to know the town and the places in it. Practise giving directions to find the most direct way to a selected destination. Use buttons (Easy Game) or enter commands yourself (Harder Game).


At the Shops

At the Shops:

Go to the correct shops to buy the items on your shopping list.