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My New School - idąc do szkoła w Wielkiej Brytanii

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My New School gives new pupils the essential vocabulary they will need to cope with their early weeks in a UK school. Through pictures they learn the words they will need in the classroom, around the school and in understanding different aspects of the curriculum.

Picture dictionary: Choose a topic and see the common words used in that topic. Click on a word to hear it spoken.

Puzzle: Choose a topic. Match the words with the pictures. The puzzle uses nine of the words at random from the picture dictionary. They are different each time.

Memory: The matching pairs game (Pelmanism). Choose a topic. The words are different each time.

More activities: If you use our "Games Box" software you can use the words from My New School with it, so you have several more activities you can use to practise the new vocabulary.

Customisation: It is possible to
  • select which of the words you want to appear in the puzzle and Memory game
  • omit items from the picture dictionary, re-label them, add new items
  • replace the images with those relevant to own school
  • omit some of the topics or change the names of the topics
  • add one completely new topic

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Free customisation:

If you purchase our site licence we will carry out a limited amout of customisation for you. At your request we will:

  • remove any unwanted topics from the menu screen
  • change the titles of any of the topics
  • replace any of the school pictures with images of your own school which you will supply

Further customisation may be carried out for an additional fee.

The site licence: also allows you to make multiple copies of the CD-ROM for pupils to use at home.

Minimalne wymagania systemowe:
PC z systemem WindowsTM XP lub nowszy

Tytuł można pobrać i wypróbować przez 15 dni.

£   12.50
Pobierz tutaj   (76.9 Mb)
CD-ROM dla jednego użytkownika
£   25.00
CD-ROM z licencją szkolnego £ 150.00
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  My New School - Menu

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  My New School - The classroom

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  My New School - English

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  My New School - Puzzle

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Licencje szkolne

Our site licence allows you to copy the software onto a network or onto an unlimited number of free-standing machines, or to make duplicate copies of the CD-ROM, all for use within the specified establishment.

It also allows teachers to install the software on home computers for use in connection with the licenced premises.

The prices include one CD-ROM.

A copy of the site licence is available on request.


  Stawki pocztowe (za sztukę):

    1    2 - 4    5 - 9    10+
Tylko w Wielkiej Brytanii £ 2.50 £ 1.50 £ 0.90 £ 0.65
Reszta Europy £ 3.50 £ 2.50 £ 1.50 £ 1.00
poza Europą £ 5.50 £ 3.25 £ 2.20 £ 1.75

Jak zapłacić

Payment may be made online using a credit / debit card, or by Paypal.

The Invoice option is available to UK schools and nurseries only. Use the "Additional Information" box if you have an order number.

All other customers must pay for the goods before they are dispatched.




Some menu items offer sub-topics. For example, Science offers Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as a General Science page.


The classroom

The classroom:

This is the second of two pages. The first page has furniture items plus teacher and pupil (both male and female).




This is the first of two pages. The second page has types of text and classroom activities.




Arithmetic words. The pupil has to drag the labels to the correct pictures.