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Racing to English
Printable resources by Gordon Ward for use with EAL/ESL learners

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Racing to English now contains more than 300 fun and flexible language activities for you to print out and use with your pupils / students.

Racing to English

The activities have been developed for children and adults learning English as an additional language. They encourage focused language work and promote group work / learner interaction. Some of the activities are more suitable for older learners, some for younger, but most of them are suitable for any age. The activities are at beginner and intermediate level.

Photosets: - There are more than 50 photosets, with more than 600 photographs! The sets include:
  • actions
  • animals
  • body
  • face
  • fruit and veg
  • classroom objects
  • clothes
  • café
  • house
  • money
  • occupations
  • park
  • people
  • prepositions
  • seasons
  • street
  • supermarket
  • tools
  • vehicles
  • weather
       Example (fruit)
       Example (people)

Stories and Activities: - There are over 50 stories on the CD-ROM. There are three types:
  • Story file: mini stories written by young people, together with sequencing activities and worksheets.
  • Fun with tenses: each story focuses on a particular tense. For younger children there are stories about Eek-eek-eek, the mouse, and his friends. For older learners there are stories about four young people, Billy, Milly, Maisy and Bob.
  • True stories: these are short stories about significant people, together with questions, blank-filling exercises and definition work.

       Example (Story file)
       Example (Fun with tenses)
       Example (True stories)

Stories and Activities

Collaborative Activities: - There are over 100 game-like activities. There are seven types:
  • Connect Four
  • Guess Which
  • Pairs
  • Question Tracks
  • Spot the Difference
  • Story Prompts
  • Describe and Draw

       Example - Connect Four (Shape monsters)
       Example - Describe and Draw (Position)

Collaborative Activities

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