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Racing to English Opinie

The following comments were sent to the author, Gordon Ward.

Thanks very much for the CD Rom. I was thrilled. It's got some fantastic activities. I was very excited and have printed off lots of the games, etc to use with the children I teach. The stories do make me laugh, they are all a bit on the tragic side though, spider bites, hit by bricks or motorbikes, the children love them! Best wishes Annette

Gordon - were your ears burning yesterday morning? They should have been, as a class of 30 year 3 children were singing your praises. They decided collectively that you are a 'very kind man' for sending us the games to play. We used the multiplication track and I was stunned by the success of it, not least the fact that the children didn't use the 'answer' grid to cheat! Many thanks once again. Alison (Haringey)

First, thank you so much for the CD. It has transformed my teaching! I am at present writing an essay for my MA in TEAL and have chosen to focus on Racing to English and its effectiveness in teaching English to newly arrived pupils! Again thanks for such a fantastic resource. Jane (Newport)

At our Inset today we were given your CD. It’s brilliant. I've had another look this evening on return home, and love the way you have included old people in your photos. So many ideas to make learning accessible and fun. For my EAL work I will be using and re-using and sharing your ideas. Thank you. Jane (Hounslow Language Service)

Hello Gordon - I was at the course you led recently in Flintshire and want to thank you for the treasure trove of resources on the CD. Janet

The children love the question /statement sheets with substitution tables (multiple choices). I ask them questions and then when they are confident they ask some for me to answer. The photos are great and the children need to refer to these often throughout the activities to reinforce their learning. It is amazing how many children did not know what a turkey looked like! Best Wishes Annette

Dear Gordon,
I teach ESL Adult African & Vietnamese. I have found your Question Tracks a very valuable teaching tool. Many thanks, Clara Melbourne, Australia.

I am a big fan of the activities on the Racing to English CD which I use with small groups in a primary school. I am also a volunteer with Chernobyl Children Life Line and have shown some of the activities to the leader of this year's group. She is very interested in the material because she thinks it will help her as an English teacher in Belarus. Angela

Many thanks for your fantastic CD of EAL materials. we are finding it a godsend! I really think you should give it more publicity. No self-respecting EMAS or EAL dept should be without one! Kindest regards Anna

I am enjoying the new photosets. I was showing my Schools Inclusion boss some samples of the work I have been using with children and said how good it was. I asked to be allowed to recommend it to LSAs who are crying out for materials. I hope to have a few orders for you soon as long as my line manager gives me the go ahead. Annette

Thank you very much Gordon, it IS a great resource. I am an EMA Consultant for Sandwell LA and will be promoting your CD with a vengeance!!! Carol

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