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All worksheets are in English unless otherwise stated

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Wordsearch Plus:

(Find the hidden words - then find some more)

Sports   contains hidden words
Weather   contains a hidden message
Zodiac signs   contains a hidden message
Woodworking   contains a hidden message
Metals and Gases   contains hidden words

Wordsearch puzzles:

Brother in the Land   Novel by Robert Swindells (see also crossword)
Soccer   46 soccer words.
Computer   Common words used in IT.
Adjectives   50 common adjectives.
Rivers   Rivers of the world.
Mountains   Mountains of the world.
Islands   Islands of the world.
Les sports   (français)
La musique   Les instruments de musique (français).

Crossword puzzles:

Brother in the Land   Novel by Robert Swindells (see also wordsearch)
Babies   Young animals.
Chemistry Elements   The clues are the symbols.
Opposites   Common adjectives.
A l'Hôtel   English to French vocabulary exercise.
Fife   General knowledge of the County of Fife, Scotland.
Easy 1   A straightforward crossword puzzle.
Vocabulário Inglês   (português)

Scrambled words:

Food   40 scrambled food words.
British rivers  
Europa   Die Länder Europas (Deutsch).
Le transport   Les moyens de transport (français).
Scottish footbWszystkie   20 Scottish football teams.

Text Mazes:

Numbers   Numbers 1 to 51 in a maze.
UK towns   33 UK towns in a "snake".
Jours/Mois/Saisons   Les jours de la semaine, les mois et les saisons (français).
Días/Meses/Estaciones   Los días de la semana, los meses y las estaciones (español).

Coded Text:

Clothes   20 coded items of clothing.
Europa   20 verschlüsselte Länder (Deutsch).
Deutsche Städte   20 verschlüsselte Städte (Deutsch).
Le transport   Les moyens de transport (français).
Premiership   English premiership clubs in code.

Scrambled Text:

The emperor's new clothes   Jumbled sentences.
The Tinder Box   Jumbled sentences.
Alphabet 1   Putting words into alphabetical order (A-M).
Alphabet 2   Putting words into alphabetical order (N-Z).
Tage/Monate/Jahreszeiten   In richtige Ordnung bringen (Deutsch).
Time   10 times to put in order.
Os Lusiadas   (português)

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poza Europą £ 5.50 £ 3.25 £ 2.20 £ 1.75

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