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"Toolbox"- commentaires

Sa simplicité m'a beaucoup plu. L'utilisation est immédiate, contrairement à d'autre logiciels plus encombrants!
Claudette H, France

Magnifique outil, d'une grande simplicité et d'une grande efficacité dont l'utilisation peut être appliquée à toutes les matières enseignées, de l'école primaire au lycée.
B. Jolivet, France

Merci pour votre logiciel, il est formidable !
Sylvie M, Nouvelle-Calédonie

Et beaucoup plus en anglais:

Extensive review of Toolbox 2 at Schoolzone.
Petra Glover

I can honestly say that I think the Toolbox software is absolutely brilliant. I have used all aspects of it with different classes, and they have all thoroughly enjoyed completing the work. It's brilliant because I can put in my own information (whether names of classes, or key words in science). I have recommended it to as many people as I can - everyone at school is always asking me where I got the software.
Moya M, UK

I am a german teacher and I really enjoyed working with this program. It's simple, exellent and works effective. The pupils liked the excercises very much. Congratulations and many thanks for it!
Adrienn L, Hungary

I really love the program. I use it a lot for homeschooling.
Wendi B, USA

6 year olds had great fun making their own wordsearch at the end of a long topic on butterflies.   So not just for teachers to use!
Anne H, UK

I would like to congratulate you for your great work! I really love Toolbox, and it has helped me a lot in my work.
Álvaro R. Mexico

Toolbox is VERY useful for primary school teachers.   We teachers are not particularly well paid but we recognise a bargain when we see it!!
Hazel C, UK

I think that the new version of the software is great.
Paul C, UK

I find it useful to have my students learn vocabulary without realizing they actually do.
Marielle B, France

I was looking for a crossword-maker program for quite a long time and tested several of them.   Toolbox won!
Piotr S, Poland

I did try other puzzle makers programs.   Toolbox is the best.
Jose C, Spain

Thanks a million.   I find it absolutely fabulous.   We are in the beginning of applying Outcomes Based Education and I can't tell you how I struggled with puzzles in the past.   My pupils enjoy doing puzzles a lot and therefore I try to make one as often as possible.   With this wonderful programme I can give them even more.
Dalené B, South Africa

Best thing since sliced bread!   I passed it along to all my collegues at school and they are thrilled with this software.
Alberto R, ?? (Hotmail)

Excellent programm.   It's very easy to understand and it gives me the chance to make the boring learning of vocabulary for my kids at school a bit more interesting.
Renate S, Germany

Toolbox is essential for my work.   I teach English, and I have used it a lot.   Thanks.
Marta G, Argentine

It's simply ingenious!!!   I have tried it on various occasions in class last week, and had a tremendous feedback from the pupils.   Formerly tedious vocabulary exercise becomes a funny game, and the pupils LOVE it.   I'm convinced your idea will help lots of teachers at school get better results at their work.
Stephan B, Germany

Very useful tool.   It's easy to handle and the results look great.
Sandra M, Germany

A nice piece of software indeed.   Most useful for vocab revisions and dead easy to use five minutes before driving off to school in a hurry.
Jean A, France

It's a great 'toolbox'!   I will be utilising it for my classroom.
Antonina F, Australia

Thanks heaps for the Toolbox.   It is the best and will save me heaps of time !!!

It seems quite user friendly, even for middle-aged language teachers!! You are certainly making our profession an enjoyable one so thanks once more.
Gaye T, Turkey

I love the program.   It's a marvellous time saver and it is very useful.
Jeannette B, ?? (Hotmail)

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