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First Spanish
Spanish for the very young learner

Suitable for use with an interactive whiteboard

First Spanish has been developed specifically for children of pre-school and early primary school age. No reading ability is required. There is an option to display the text of what you hear, and if this is selected, then clicking on the text allows you to hear the words repeated.

The package consists of 31 topics and a range of activities to use these with. Some activities can be used with a large group and a whiteboard. Others are more appropriate for individual pupils at a computer.

The topics

Topics menu

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"Words" and "Quiz"

Words and Quiz

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The games


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The Sentences activity


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For children unable to read the list of activities on the main menu bar, a picture menu is available.

See the vocabulary used
Picture menu

Minimum system requirements: WindowsTM XP or later.

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Topics menu

Topics menu:

The topics covered are Pets, Colours, People, Days, Months, Numbers, Time, School, Classroom, Fruit, Food, Drinks, Family, Clothes, Body, Head, Farm, Zoo, Sports, Weather, Transport, Leisure and Jobs.

Hold the mouse pointer over a topic name to see a translation. Click on the topic name to show an illustration of that topic.



Words (the learning page): Click on the pictures to hear the words spoken. This can be used with a whiteboard to teach the vocabulary to a group of pupils. The captions are optional.

Quiz (the testing page): Pupils are asked to find an item and click on it. The pictures can be kept in the same order or 'shuffled'.



The Snap game:

One of three games that can be used to practise the vocabulary. "Snap" involves two pupils sitting at one computer. As the pictures change, the players have to be ready to press their chosen key when the two are the same.

The other two games are "Memory" (matching pairs), for one or two players, and "Puzzle" (identifying objects from some of the pieces of a jigsaw). "Puzzle" and the two player version of "Memory" are suitable for whole-class use.




This activity uses the vocabulary of the topic in meaningful contexts and introduces some new aspects of the language. A matching exercise is included.