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Free printable worksheets (English) French worksheets
German worksheets
Spanish worksheets

These worksheets can be printed as they are, or adapted to suit your requirements.  The files are Word documents and no file exceeds 100 kb in size.  

Word search puzzles:

50 adjectives  
Chemical elements  
Rivers of the world  
Mountains of the world  
Islands of the world  
Tom Cruise films  
James Bond films  
Hugh Grant films  
The Beatles number ones  
Madonna singles  
Countryside animals  
Farm animals  
The countryside  
English football teams
50 Animals
Months and days   two word searches on one sheet

Word search Plus

(Find the hidden words - then find some more)
Signs of the zodiac   hidden message  
Woodworking   hidden message  
Boy and Girl Bands  
Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  
Queen singles  
Weather   hidden message
Zodiac signs   hidden message
Woodworking   hidden message
Metals and Gases
European countries
Zoo animals
Christmas   hidden message
Thanksgiving word search   hidden message
Summer holidays   circular puzzle with hidden message

Word search puzzles made to order
Shaped word search puzzles:

Garden creatures   butterfly shaped puzzle  
Fish   fish shaped puzzle  
Summer holidays   circular puzzle with hidden message
Zoo animals   animal shaped puzzle
Face   head shaped puzzle
House   house shaped puzzle
Transport   bus shaped puzzle
Farm animals   animal shaped puzzle
Flowers   flower shaped puzzle
Shapes   octagon shaped puzzle
Drinks   bottle shaped puzzle
Trees   tree shaped puzzle
Body   body shaped puzzle

Puzzle collections

Six puzzle worksheets in one file -
word seach, crossword, pathfinder, coded words, scrambled words and scrambled names.

Abba song titles
UK cities
Inventors and their inventions

Graded word search puzzles:

Animals   Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Countries of Europe Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
European capitals Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Holidays Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
House Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Musical instruments Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Occupations Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Sports Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Transport Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

  Level 1: left to right, top to
  bottom only

  Level 2: plus right to left,
  bottom to top

  Level 3: plus all diagonals

  English Grammar Exercise Collections (£6.00 each)

  Verbs   47 worksheets in 15 files, each file dealing with a different aspect of English verbs.
  Nouns and Pronouns   16 worksheets in 7 files, each file dealing with a different aspect of nouns or pronouns.
  Adjectives, Abverbs and Articles   20 worksheets in 6 files, each file dealing with a different aspect of English
  adjectives, abverbs or articles.

Crossword puzzles:

Easy crossword  
Brother in the Land   On the book by Robert Swindells  
Buddy   On the book by Nigel Hinton
Stone Cold   On the book by Robert Swindells
Chemical Elements   Symbols as clues  
US English words   UK clues 
UK English words   US clues 
'As' Similes   'as good as ....?'  
Baby animals   A decorated crossword puzzle
Animal fit   Answers instead of numbers
Junior 1   General knowledge for junior school
Opposites   Answers are opposites of clues
The Royals   The British royal family
Know Britain   General knowledge on Britain

Maths 1   A numeric crossword
Times tables   A number crossword
What's the capital of .....?
The Americas 
Who sang that song?


Rivers of the World  
Mountains of the World  
Lakes of the World  
UK Cities  
Cities of the World  
Musical instruments   words not given  
Farm animals  
James Bond films  
Parts of the body  
Dog breeds  

Text mazes:

Towns and cities  
Cardiff Castle  
Northern Ireland  
The Edinburgh Festival  
The City of York  
The Bristol Balloon Fiesta  
Hello...   Level 1     Level 2  
This Morning ...   Level 1     Level 2  

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Scrambled Text:

Alphabet 1 Putting words into alphabetical order (A-M)  
Alphabet 2 Putting words into alphabetical order (N-Z)  
The emperor's new clothes Scrambled sentences  
Time Putting times into the correct order  
Christine's morning Scrambled sentences  
Camping Scrambled sentences  
Toothache Scrambled words  
Late for school Scrambled words  
A day at the zoo Scrambled sentences  
Holiday in Spain   Scrambled:Sentences Words Letters
Cinderella Part 1   Scrambled:Sentences Words Letters
Cinderella Part 2   Scrambled:Sentences Words Letters


Superstars of pop music Vowels and spaces omitted  
Premier League teams Vowels and spaces omitted  
Scotland Spaces and punctuation omitted  
Wales Spaces and punctuation omitted  
Northen Ireland Spaces and punctuation omitted  
Gap-Fill 1  
Gap-Fill 2  
Gap-Fill 3  
Gap-Fill (Multiple-Choice) 1  
Gap-Fill (Multiple-Choice) 2  
Gap-Fill (Multiple-Choice) 3  

Coded Text:

Forrest Gump  
Thomas Edison  
Warner Brothers  
Levi Strauss  
Leonard Bernstein (coded with numbers)  
Sleep (coded with numbers)  
My name is Peter (vowels only coded)
My name is Peter (consonants only coded)

Coded Words:

At the Table  
Madonna Singles  
Animals (coded with numbers)  
Tools (coded with numbers)  
European Countries
US States
Birds (coded with symbols)

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