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Video presentation

Video presentation

(version 3)
Version 4 - now makes eight different types of worksheet

Four word puzzles
Type or paste a list of words, on any topic, in any language, and in seconds you can print a wordsearch, a crossword puzzle, a set of scrambled words or a pathfinder.

Wordsearch Maker
Wordsearch Maker
Crossword Maker
Crossword Maker
Word Scrambler
Word Scrambler

Four text puzzles
Type or paste a text, on any topic, in any language, and in seconds you can print a text maze, a coded or scrambled text or a gap fill exercise.

Text Maze
Text Maze
Code Maker
Code Maker
Text Scrambler
Text Scrambler
Gap fill
Gap fill

Foreign characters: Characters are available for most European languages and it is also possible to include numbers and other non-alpha characters.

You are in control. Various options give you control over the difficulty of the puzzle and the appearance of your worksheet. Or if you prefer you can export the puzzle into your word-processor or desktop-publisher to give your worksheet your own personal touch.

Sample worksheets:

Shapes - A wordsearch puzzle in an octagon
House and Face - Wordsearch puzzles using custom-made shapes
UK Quiz - Crossword puzzle with filled-in background and numbered letters to form a hidden phrase
Colours - 25 scrambled colours with numbered letters to form the key to an extra sentence
Holiday in Spain - Scrambled text (letters / words / sentences)
US States - Coded by shifting letters back one place (B coded as A, etc.)

Minimum system requirements: WindowsTM XP or later.

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Wordsearch Maker

Wordsearch Maker:

- Up to 50 words with optional clues
- Any or all of eight possible directions of words
- Various shapes on offer. You can also create your own shape
- Size up to 20 X 20
- Upper or lower case, full range of colours and fonts
- With or without a border
- Fill the unused spaces with random letters (with choice of alphabets) or specify your own fill, e.g a hidden message.
- Optional distracters (parts of the hidden words) - random fill only

Crossword Maker

Crossword Maker:

- Up to 40 words and clues
- You can select letters in your puzzle which will be used to make a new word once the puzzle is completed.
- These can be numbered so that they form the new word in numerical sequence, or left unnumbered so that the student has to rearrange them to find the word.
- Optional background fill
- Full range of colours and fonts

Word Scrambler

Word Scrambler:

- Up to 50 words per worksheet
- You can include an extra word or phrase which will be found once the puzzle is completed
- Upper / lower case, or as typed (retaining existing capital letters)
- Full range of colours and fonts

Text Maze

Text Maze:

- Any size up to 20 X 20
- Upper / lower case, or as typed (retaining existing capital letters)
- Full range of colours and fonts

Code Maker

Code Maker:

- Text can be coded by moving each letter a specific number of places forward, by a random mixture of the letters, or by numbers (1 = A, 2 = B, etc.)
- All letters can be coded, or vowels only, or consonants only. (You can choose whether to treat letter Y as a vowel)
- Upper / lower case, or as typed (retaining existing capital letters)
- Full range of colours and fonts

Text Scrambler

Text Scrambler:

- Scramble the letters of each word, the order of words in each sentence or the order of sentences
- Upper / lower case, or as typed (retaining existing capital letters)
- Full range of colours and fonts


Pathfinder (Musical Instruments)

- Beginning with the letter in the square box, follow a continuous path to find 19 musical instruments.
- Any topic, any language
- Upper / lower case, or as typed (retaining existing capital letters)
- Full range of colours and fonts

Gap fill

Gap fill:

- (A) Up to 20 sentences with or without multiple choice answers
- (B) Text / sentences with missing characters (vowels, punctuation, spaces, etc.)
- Full range of colours and fonts